Netflix Announces Two New Games Coming During October

Netflix has announced two brand new games coming to Netflix Games in the month of October and one of them is a cult classic indie game.

Dead Cells - IGN

The first game we are getting during the month of October is the cult classic Metroidvania “Dead Cells”. This game is a fun but challenging platformer where you will die a lot, unfortunately, there are no details on whether or not this version will include the DLC or what day this game will be made available. “Dead Cells” is a strong pick for an addition to Netflix Games and hopefully we continue to see Netflix increase its game variety.

The second game which is coming to Netflix Games is a sequel to the classic indie puzzle horror game “Slayaway Camp”, this game is “Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill”. Like “Dead Cells” there is no confirmed release date for “Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill” but we do know the game is supposed to be released during the month of October,

Are you hyped for either of these games coming to Netflix during the month of October?


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