Netflix Cloud Gaming Adds Three Games To Its Beta

Netflix Games has had a strong year with many new games being released and announced – all alongside launching a cloud gaming beta. Now Netflix has added three more games to its cloud gaming beta bringing the total number of games on the beta to six. So, let’s take a look at the games that Netflix has just released.

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The first game on our list is Link Twin. The official Netflix Games description reads: “Where one goes, the other follows. Guide mysterious twins through a world of evolving landscapes and mind-bending puzzles in this brain-teaser of a game”. This addition is a nice one, as puzzle games are a popular genre for those who want to keep their brains active. Link Twin is available now to all Netflix Cloud Gaming Beta users.

Link Twin a sosit şi pe PC! - Go4Games

Rocket (Cloud)

The second game is an arcade-style game known as Rocket. The description of this game on Netflix reads: “Navigate tricky mazes to find Star Maps leading to a hidden treasure. Avoid alien bugs and other hazards along the way in this galactic adventure game”. This game seems to be a simple one, but that doesn’t necessarily make it bad. If you’re in the Netflix Cloud Gaming Beta, then you can check this game out now.

How to Build a Rocket DIY! 🚀 Over the Moon | Netflix Jr - YouTube

The Almost Gone (Cloud)

The final game on our list is The Almost Gone – an interactive story and puzzle game. The official Netflix description of this game is: “In this game, you’re somewhere between life and death. Dig deep into memories and other clues in a dark suburbia to unlock the mystery behind your fate.” Another brand-new game in the puzzle genre. If you’re in Netflix’s Cloud Gaming Beta, then you can check this game out now.

The Almost Gone | Programas descargables Nintendo Switch | Juegos ...

With three brand-new games being added to Netflix’s Cloud Gaming Beta, it is clear Netflix is serious about making gaming a core pillar of their content offerings.

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