Netflix Cloud Gaming Expands To Five New Countries

Netflix Games

Netflix Games, the gaming platform within Netflix, has rolled out their cloud gaming service to five more countries. This brings the total number of countries that can access this cloud gaming service up to eight, so let’s dive in.

So What Countries Can Now Access Netflix Cloud Gaming

Netflix Cloud Gaming has been available in Canada, The United States and The United Kingdom for almost a year, however now five new countries join them. The countries that can now access Netflix’s Cloud Gaming include France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Mexico. This is an interesting mix of countries as four of these countries are major European countries whilst Mexico is the first Central American country to receive this platform.

The game library is the same across all countries and includes titles:

Will you be checking out Netflix Cloud Gaming if you live in any of the new countries? Are you excited to see the service expand? Let us know on social media.

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