Netflix Co-Ceo Greg Peters Discusses Netflix Games Ambitions

During Netflix’s quarterly earnings last Wednesday Netflix Co-Ceo Greg Peters took the stage to discuss Netflix’s goal as a game platform despite the minuscule amount of attention their games have received since the launch in September 2021.

Meet Greg Peters, Netflix’s new co-CEO and Reed Hastings’ replacement ...

“We believe that we can build games into a strong content category. Our current scale and frankly, our current investment are both very small relative to our overall content spend and engagement” started their Netflix Co-Ceo during the earnings call. “So now our job is to increase scale to a place where games have a material impact on the business” he stated.

Netflix’s gaming division has a lot of room to grow, as of the time of writing there are less than eighty games available on Netflix Games. Netflix also only sells a handful of its own games on platforms like Steam (about half a dozen when combing all Netflix studios). Netflix seems to have no plans as of right now to monetize their games in more ways than they currently have been, however with gaming revenues across the industry on track to hit $212 billion in revenue by 2026 it is going to be interesting how Netflix tries to get a piece of the pie.

Netflix owns a large portfolio of IPs across film, television, animation, and games, as well as the libraries of children’s author Roald Dahl and comic publisher Millarworld, so expect Netflix to make more games in more pre-existing franchises.


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