Netflix Games Adds a New Game To Its Cloud Gaming Beta

Netflix Games has added a new game to its cloud gaming beta. That game is Infernax.

So What Is Infernax About?

So the new Netflix cloud game is Infernax, but what’s it about? Infernax is a 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania set in a dark fantasy world where you play as a young Duke named Alcedor who finds his home village overrun by monsters. This game is quite dark and features Satanists and the Crusades as part of the story. The game comes from the developers at Berzerk Studio and is published by The Arcade Crew.

Netflix’s Cloud Gaming service is available in a Beta in the UK, US, and Canada. Netflix’s Cloud Gaming service is available on web browsers as well as selected Smart TVs which require the Netflix Controller App to play games using your smartphone.

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