Netflix Games Adds Rainbow Six SMOL To Its Lineup

Netflix Games, the gaming offerings from the world’s largest video streaming service, has added a brand new video game to its growing lineup. It’s one that fans of Ubisoft franchises will be interested in. The game in question is Rainbow Six: SMOL. Let’s discuss.

Rainbow Six: SMOL Is Now Available To Netflix Users

Rainbow Six: SMOL may not be a title many gamers have heard of, but it is essentially another spinoff to the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six franchise. However, this game is rated a PEGI 12 – which means it is aimed at a younger audience than other Rainbow Six games like the very popular Rainbow Six Siege.

In Rainbow Six SMOL, you must defuse bombs, save hostages, and crush enemies with a colorful art style and fun missions where you get to create squads of unique operators. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, then I recommend checking this game out to see if this is your type of game. Interestingly enough, this is now the third Ubisoft game we’ve seen on Netflix Games, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the original three-game Netflix deal Ubisoft made in 2022.

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