Netflix Games Adds Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill To Its Library


Today Netflix has added a brand new horror puzzle game to its growing gaming library, this game is “Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill”.

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“Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill” is the followup to the indie horror puzzle game “Slayaway Camp”. In this sequel, you must solve puzzles so your killer (a character called Skullface who looks very similar to Jason Voorhees) where you must sneak around and kill unsuspecting campers. One big difference between this game and its predecessor is that in “Slayaway Camp 2”, your character Skullfcae is stuck in a horror movie catalog on a parody of Netflix. Also, it allows you to play characters such as Gourd Head, Killer Fridge, and Demon Doll which means the homage to classic horror movies is strong.

“Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix and Kill” is available now to all Netflix subscribers.


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  1. I’ve been playing this game and I live it so far! Some of the puzzles are very hard and it’s been a while since I’ve been challenged like that.

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