Netflix Games Adds Sonic Mania Plus, Announces Games Coming In May 2024

Netflix Games has added its first game in May and it’s a real gem. Fan favorite Sonic Mania Plus is now available to Netflix subscribers on iOS and Android.

The Blue Blur Is Back On Netflix

Netflix’s addition of Sonic Mania Plus shows Netflix having a strong relationship with Sega, with this being the second Sonic The Hedgehog game on Netflix Games and the third Sega-published game on Netflix. The official App Store Description reads:

Run, Jump and collect gold rings as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles in this speedy homage made by and for fans of the beloved franchise. 90s nostalgia and epic new boss fights await!

Experience the ultimate celebration of the world’s fastest blue hedgehog in this remixed retro platformer filled with callbacks and Easter eggs from past Sonic games. Perfect for longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Official Sonic Mania Description on the Apple App Store.
Netflix Games

But That’s Not All

Alongside Sonic Mania Plus being released on Netflix Games, Netflix has confirmed they have five games planned for release during May 2024. The games are listed below:

  • Sonic Mania Plus (May 7th)
  • Braid Anniversary Edition (May 14th)
  • Paper Trail (May 21st)
  • Netflix Stories: Virgin River (May 29th)
  • Katana Zero (May TBD)

Are you going to play Sonic Mania Plus on Netflix Today? Are you excited to see five games are coming to Netflix this month? Let us know!

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