Netflix Games Adds Two New Indie Games Paper Trail and Katana Zero

Netflix Games, the gaming division of the video streaming service, has added the brand-new indie game Paper Trail to its continuously growing gaming offerings. So let’s go over this news.

What Is Paper Trail On Netflix Games About?

Paper Trail is a beautifully stylized game where you journey through a paper world, using the fact the terrain is made of paper to your advantage as you progress through the levels:. The Official Netflix Games description on the Apple App Store reads:

Solve puzzles and explore cozy places around a foldable paper world in this enchanting game about growing up. Long-lost secrets and other wonders await.

This cozy top-down puzzle adventure is set in a foldable paper world where you play as Paige, a budding academic who’s leaving home for the first time to pursue her studies. On this journey, you’ll uncover secrets, explore new areas, meet characters with memorable stories and solve puzzles by folding the environment and merging the two sides into one.

Official Description For Paper Trails On Netflix Games Via The Apple App Store.

This game is one I have been waiting for to come to Netflix Games for a long time and I am glad to see that this game is now available. This game has also been released today alongside all other platforms which is always nice to see as it legitimized Netflix as a full gaming platform.

What Is Katana Zero On Netflix Games About?

The second game on our list is the exciting action game Katana Zero from Devolver Digital, a neo-noir platforming-action hack-and-slash game. The official Netflix Games description for Katana Zero on the Apple App Store reads:

Kill your enemies or face instant death. Slow down time as you slash and dash through a dystopian city to unravel past secrets in this retro adventure.

In this stylish pixel art neo-noir platformer, you’re a samurai assassin facing breakneck action and instant-death combat. Attack enemies with your sword or whatever else is at your disposal and avoid obstacles to progress to the next level. Choose how you respond in conversations that drive the story forward between levels.

Official Description of Katana Zero on Netflix Games via Apple App Store.

Katana Zero is a beloved classic indie game, so this inclusion expands the number of action games on Netflix Games as Netflix looks to diversify their video game offerings.

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