Netflix Games January 2024 Recap – What Games Came To Netflix?

As we are now in February 2024, it is time to have a look back at the titles which came to Netflix Games during January 2024. Netflix only added two games to its gaming catalog during January 2024 but they are both worth checking out; so let’s discuss:

Money Heist Game

Commit Crimes In Money Heist Ultimate Choice:

The first game you can now check out on Netflix Games is a Netflix first-party title, hailing from their studio Boss Fight Entertainment. Money Heist: Ultimate Choice is a story-driven narrative game based in the world of the popular Netflix television series. This game has a respect system similar to games in the Fallout franchise, which means your relationships with the other characters in the game matter. Being based on the actual Netflix property makes this game a must-play for fans of Money Heist, but it’s also friendly to newcomers of the franchise who just want to pull of a heist in a game where your choices mean everything.


Become A Fashion Designer In FashionVerse:

The second game that was added to Netflix is FashionVerse, a video game that has an interesting AI implementation when you compare this game to most other mobile games. The AI implementation is impressive and can be uncanny at times. The game also features a diverse range of models for you to create outfits for, one of which is actually an amputee which I think is an awesome inclusion. If you want to become the next big fashion designer, then I recommend checking this game out with your Netflix subscription.

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  1. This is probably a dumb question…. But, how do we play netflix games in the USA? It is only on mobile at this point?

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