Netflix Games May 2024 Recap

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Netflix Games, the gaming service within Netflix, adds games every month. In May, we saw five brand-new games added to Netflix Games. In this editorial, we are going to go over all five games as I try to convince you to try Netflix Games out.

Sonic Mania Plus:

The first game on our list is a throwback to Sonic’s golden years of the 1990s. Sonic Mania Plus is a 2D-side-scrolling platformer heavily inspired by Sonic’s earlier games on the Sega Genesis. In this game, you play as Sonic as you traverse levels and defeat robots to free innocent animals as you race to defeat the evil Doctor Robotnik or, as fans know him, “Dr Eggman”. This is one of the best Sonic games in decades, so if you’re a Sonic fan, you need to check this game out on Netflix Games.

Braid Anniversary Edition:

The second game on our list is the anniversary edition of the classic indie platforming game Braid. In this game, you must collect puzzle pieces and defeat enemies while trying not to fall to your death. If you die? you can rewind time and try again. Use your platforming skills to make your way through this game and enjoy the awesome soundtrack and the audio commentary, all of which are available in this version.

Paper Trail

Paper Trail:

The third game on our list is the video game Paper Trail, a beautifully crafted game set in a world of paper. You play as Paige, a university applicant who, after receiving an offer to attend her dream university, decides to run away from home and journey to the big city to attend her studies. The controls in this game include folding the world around Paige as she journeys away from home for the first time ever. This game is graphically beautiful and has an amazing soundtrack. This game also released day and date on Netflix alongside other platforms.

Katana Zero:

The next game on the list is an absolutely awesome title. In Katana Zero, you play as a ninja assassin who must fight hordes of enemies and use the surrounding environments to your advantage. You also get special abilities like a speed dash and the ability to slow down time. This game is graphically pleasing, has a stunning soundtrack, and is one of the most enjoyable experiences on Netflix Games so far this year. If you’re into hack-and-slash games, then you need to check out Katana Zero on Netflix Games.

Netflix Stories Virgin River:

The last game on our list is a bit of a strange one. In the Netflix Stories app, you can discover the video game Netflix Stories Virgin River, a video game based on the popular Netflix television series. In this game, you can build your own custom character and explore the small town of Virgin River. It is a dating game with a mystery twist. Your character is trying to uncover why her grandma left everything in her will to you, so figure out the mystery, all while you also try to find your true love. If you’re a fan of the popular Virgin River television show and want to create your own story in the universe of Virgin River, then I recommend checking this game out.

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