Netflix Games November 2023 Game Recap

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It’s now December which means it is time to discuss all the games that were released onto Netflix’s platform, there were four games released via mobile and three via the cloud so let’s get in and discuss these releases.

Farming Simulator 23 (Mobile)

Let’s start with a game in a popular long-running franchise, Farming Simulator 23 the latest game in the series and is available to all Netflix subscribers on mobile phones. You can tend to livestock, plant crops, and manage production on your farm! Farming Simulator 23 is a fun game that I highly recommend to Netflix subscribers who want a relaxing game.

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Cocomelon: Play With JJ (Mobile)

Now to another game in a popular franchise, this time however it’s a game that your toddler will be more than happy to play. Cocomelon: Play With JJ is a game based on the popular YouTube web series Cocomelon. In this game, you play as JJ and explore puzzles, collect stickers, meet fan-favourite characters and sing songs all in this great little game. This game is available on both iOS and Android phones, so it’s something to keep your toddler entertained for a little while.

CoComelon: Play with JJ | Nintendo Switch games | Games | Nintendo

Football Manager 2024 (Mobile)

Now we look at another game in a popular franchise, and this one is unique as it’s a sports game franchise from Sega. Football Manager 2024 is the latest game in the popular Football Manager game series, where you get to become the manager of a football team (altho we all know the worst team is Chelsea). What’s important to note is the Football Manager games are delisted a year after release, so play this game whilst you can.

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Shadow And Bone Enter The Fold (Mobile)

Now let’s look at the final game that was released via mobile, this game is based on the Netflix television series Shadow and Bone. In Shadow and Bone Enter The Fold you explore the world of the Grishaverse in the popular but unfortunately cancelled Netflix series. Shadow and Bone Enter The Fold takes place between the first two seasons of the Netflix series.

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Now we are moving on to the trio of games that have been added to Netflix’s Cloud Gaming Beta. The game Link Twin is a cute little puzzle game where you guide one twin for the other twin to follow. The puzzles in this game are described as “mind-bending” and the graphics look really nice to boot. Link Twin is now available to everyone in the UK, Canada and US via the Netflix Games Cloud Beta.

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Rocket (Cloud)

This game is a simple arcade-style that is a perfect fit for Netflix to add to its lineup. The game known as Rocket is a great game with a simple premise of navigating tricky mazes and hunting for treasures as you avoid obstacles and alien bugs. This is a good game to help test lag as well as MoleGem Mayhem.

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The Almost Gone (Cloud)

The final game on our list is the game The Almost Gone which is an interactive story and puzzle game. In this game you are somewhere between life and death where you must dig deep into your memories and discover the mystery behind your fate. This game is another game with a beautiful art style and is definitely worth playing if you have access.

The Almost Gone Launches on Google Play - Hardcore Droid

Netflix Games continues to add a varied number of games to it’s growing library and I can not wait to see what December brings, if you have time then check out all the games we’ve mentioned on our list via Netflix.

Have you checked out any of these games? Let us know!


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