Netflix Announces Games Based On Four Originals: Chicken Run, Shadow and Bone and More

During Thursday’s Geeked Week announcements, Netflix unveiled games based on four Netflix originals including the upcoming animated film Chicken Run Dawn Of The Nugget, so let’s take a look at the four games that were unveiled.

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The Chicken Run Franchise Continues With Chicken Run Eggstraction

One of the first games showcased was the video game spinoff/sequel to the upcoming Chicken Run Dawn Of The Nugget animated film, the game is known as Chicken Run Eggstraction. We don’t know too many specifics on the story of Chicken Run Eggstraction, but what we do know is the missions have been described as “weird and wonderful” and include you “freeing chickens from farms”. What is nice about Chicken Run Eggstraction is that the studio behind both films, the Bristol-based Aardman Animations is making the game in-house. Chicken Run Eggstraction is scheduled to debut in the second half of 2024.

Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget - streaming online

Shadow and Bone Enter The Fold Revives Hope For Shadow and Bone:

Shadow and Bone Enter The Fold is a mobile game RPG that is available now to all Netflix subscribers. In this game, you play during the period of the first two seasons of Netflix’s hit television series Shadow and Bone. This game is set in war-torn Ravka and you must decide which powers prevail. This game is available now on mobile via the Netflix subscription.

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Money Heist Got A New Date

Netflix has finally revealed more details about the upcoming video game based on the popular Money Heist franchise. You join the crew that is going to commit the heist that started it all Le Perla de Barcelona. What is brilliant news about this game is it is releasing alongside the new Money Heist spinoff series Berlin which comes out December 29th.

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The Dragon Prince Xadia Is Coming

The final of the four games based on Netflix Originals is The Dragon Prince Xadia which is a cooperative RPG based on the popular animated series. In the game, you explore the world of Xadia, team up in co-op missions, and fight iconic villains from The Dragon Prince series.

This game will be released on mobile exclusively by Netflix but will be released separately on PC. Similar to what’s happening with Chicken Run the studio behind The Dragon Prince (Wonderstorm) is actually developing the video game too.

38 The Dragon Prince Wallpapers - Wallpaperboat

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