Netflix Games Releases Virgin River On The Netflix Stories App

Netflix Games

Netflix Games, the gaming division within the Netflix app, has released a brand new video game on to the service; however, its release doesn’t follow the traditional format of releasing an app on the App Store and Google Play Store. In the Netflix Stories app (previously known as Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind), you can find the Virgin River game.

So What Is Virgin River About?:

The Official Netflix Stories description reads:

Escape to the remote town of Virgin River, and find love and community where you least except it.

Official Description Of Virgin River In The Netflix Stories App.

The release of Virgin River on Netflix Stories is an interesting one as, unlike Too Hot To Handle, which received its own standalone app, Virgin River is one game in a bundle of seven (and being the second one released) with a focus on love is an interesting one. With five other games expected to come to the Netflix Stories app, it’s an exciting time to be alive. As well as the confirmation of a third Too Hot To Handle game coming soon, it looks like it is a good time to enjoy love-based video games on Netflix Games.

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