Netflix Games September Games Recap

Netflix Games

It is now October and with a new month comes the perfect time to do a recap for the games Netflix added in the month before, so let’s dive in.

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Game Title: Vikings Valhalla

Release Date: 6th September 2023

“Vikings Valhalla” is a strategy game based on the popular Netflix show. In “Vikings Valhalla” you need to build your faction and raid other villages to earn your place among the gods. This game also has online multiplayer which very few Netflix Games actually have.

Playtika's Wooga unveils Ghost Detective hidden object game for Netflix |  VentureBeat

Game Title: Ghost Detective

Release Date: 19th September 2023

“Ghost Detective” is a new game for Netflix Games where after your character is murdered you must search through different crime scenes as a ghost and find hidden items to help you track down your murderer. This game has good-looking graphics and is a rather interesting genre addition.

Introducing 'Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind,' a New Game That Puts You in  the Pods - About Netflix

Game Title: Netflix Stories Love Is Blind

Release Date: 26th September 2023

“Netflix Stories Love Is Blind” is based on Netflix’s popular reality dating series “Love Is Blind”. This game is a dating sim and does its best to bring the world of the reality TV series to the world of video games. This game is also developed by Netflix-owned Boss Fight Entertainment meaning it’s a first-party Netflix game.

Netflix Games Adds Two More Mobile Games - Cloud Dosage

Game Title: Storyteller

Release Date: 26th September 2023

“Storyteller” is a beautiful indie game that is available on mobile exclusively via Netflix, although it is also available on other platforms. In “Storyteller” you must create stories using the provided backgrounds, concepts, and characters. This game is an amazing addition to the Netflix Games library and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t check it out.

Have you checked out any of these new Netflix Games additions? let us know.


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