Netflix Head Of External Games Discusses Cloud Gaming

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It’s no secret that Netflix has rather large gaming ambitions, and has started small with a batch of mobile games but has now rolled out a cloud gaming beta in Canada, The UK, and The US. Netflix’s Head of External Games Leanne Loombe spoke about how cloud gaming will help benefit Netflix’s gaming ambitions.

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“Changing based on the platform will happen when we start expanding the cloud service to other regions and bringing more games. Those games will be different creatively from the mobile games that we’re making, sometimes the games we launch on Netflix will be on mobile, PC, and TV through the cloud and sometimes there will be a cloud game that is playable on TV and it will be a tailored experience,” stated Netflix’s Head of External Games Leanne Loombe in a recent interview,

This news is interesting and makes sense as Netflix has been slowly expanding its gaming offerings this shows Netflix is ambitious when it comes to cloud gaming but it does raise an interesting question. Will all the current mobile games which are on Netflix Games be available via the cloud or are only select titles going to be available? From my point of view, Netflix should focus on bringing their own games to the cloud from mobile (think games like Stranger Things 1984 and Dungeon Boss Respawned) and then slowly work with other developers to bring more games over.

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