Netflix Rumoured To Be Turning More Popular Shows Into Games

Netflix Games

It’s been no secret that Netflix has adapted a number of its popular shows into video games, some notable shows that got the treatment include, “Stranger Things”, “Too Hot To Handle”, “The Queens Gambit” and “Love Is Blind”. However The Wall Street Journal is now reporting there are at least three other popular shows that could be making the jump to video games, so let’s discuss.

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As reported by The Wall Street Journal the three shows that are rumoured to be getting video games from Netflix include the widely popular “Squid Game”, the reboot of “The Adams Family” focusing on “Wednesday” and the forever popular “Black Mirror”.

Whilst a game based on “Squid Game” was expected due to the boom of battle royale games a few years ago, “Black Mirror” has already had an interactive movie (which according to Sega in the 90s it’s a game genre), and “Wednesday” is based on “The Adams Family” which has received games in the past.

What do you guys think about this news? Are you hyped to play games based on any of these shows? Let us know.


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