Amazon Luna Adds Three Games Across Two Channels

Chicken Police

Amazon Luna has added two games to the $9.99 a month Luna+ subscription and Jackbox Party Pack 9 has been added to the $4.99 a month Jackbox channel that now gives you access to 10 specific Jackbox games.

The first of the additions to Luna+ is Chicken Police – Paint it Red. This game will be familiar to those in the cloud gaming world. It’s been on a couple of services (e.g. Blacknut and Stadia) including a stint as a free game in Stadia’s Pro subscription (where, reminder, you have just 3 months left to play it).

The other addition to Luna+ is Horizon Chase Turbo – a throwback to arcade racer games from the 90s – you know the ones where you race off into a gray gradient horizon… This game is again also available on the Blacknut cloud gaming service.

This looks like a fun game to get competitive with. Unfortunately, on Luna you won’t be able to earn achievements, track your times/leaderboard-positions against friends or play with those friends outside of Luna’s virtual “couch mode”, where only one of you can collect any progress on a fraction of your screen.

It’s clear that a lot of the games that come to the cloud tend to make the rounds across different services. These seem to fit that category. But, it’s still nice to see Luna pick up a few more titles.


Jack Deslippe

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  1. Always find it interesting to see the same publishers/titles across different services. Ovvious embracing f the cloud.

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