No Man’s Sky Launches Orbital Update

No Man’s Sky continues to expand with the release of the Orbital Update. This marks the 27th major update to the game, following closely on the heels of last month’s Omega Update. Since No Man’s Sky is available on multiple cloud gaming services, we’d like to take a second to take a look at the new update.

New Content and Changes

The Orbital Update introduces a complete overhaul to Space Stations, which for the first time will feature procedurally generated interior and exterior spaces. These improvements are made possible by engine enhancements that also bring improved reflections and metallic surfaces to the game. Must look great on GeForce NOW!

Space Stations are now more diverse than ever, with new shops and activities. They are uniquely customized based on system, race, and locale, offering new experiences for players. A highly anticipated ship editor is also part of this update, allowing players to customize their ships and even create new starship types. To customize, players will need to gather and trade parts found throughout their explorations.

Additionally, a new Guild system is being introduced, making the process of joining Guilds and increasing reputation a more significant aspect of gameplay. Guild envoys on Space Stations will provide supplies and rare items, or accept donations to improve your standing.

Thanks to this brand new Orbital Update, and many more, No Man’s Sky has come a long way. Have you played this game on any cloud gaming service? Let us know!

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