Nware Concludes Beta Phase, Prepares for Next Chapter

Nware Cover Image

After three years, cloud gaming service Nware, has announced the closure of its Beta phase. The company, based in Spain, has allowed gamers worldwide to play any game without the need for expensive hardware.

According to Nware, their achievements during this period have been significant. The platform has signed a global partnership with Microsoft, organically reached over half a million users, developed their own streaming technology, and partnered with cloud infrastructure and hardware providers. It has also created a platform that allows users to bring over 20,000 games and play them in the cloud. You can learn more about that feat and get an idea about how Nware works, via our review.

The closure of the Beta phase marks the beginning of a new chapter for Nware and its users. Access to the Beta platform will end on August 18, 2023. Subscriptions will be paused after this date, and any scheduled payments will not be processed. For active subscriptions extending beyond August 18, 2023, Nware will issue prorated refunds for the unused portion of the subscription.

Plans for the next phase are currently unknown, but we’ll keep you updated with further developments. It is worth mentioning that Nware shared the news via Instagram and an email sent to its users. Nor other social channel or their website mention anything regarding the end of the Beta phase.



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