HP Omen Gaming Hub Integrates GeForce NOW

Omen Gaming Hub Game Library Interface
Omen Gaming Hub Game Library Interface

HP’s Omen line of desktop and laptop computers is a top quality set of products generally targeted at gamers. These Omen computers are now getting some special GeForce NOW integration. The models are typically full of bling like RGB keyboards, groovy case lighting, transparent siding and high quality graphics cards – including NVIDIA RTX 40 series GPUs.

The computers also come with special Omen software including the Omen Gaming Hub. The hub provides a way to manage and view your PC game collection, tweak your gaming performance and to customize all that LED lighting that comes on the Omen rigs.

At CES, HP announced that Omen would integrate NVIDIA GeForce NOW’s library natively into this gaming Hub. So, Omen users should be able to browse the GFN library and launch GFN games with a single click from their Omen hub. Here is how it is described:

With the global gaming industry continuing to increase, HP is introducing cloud gaming through OMEN Gaming Hub and is the first Windows PC manufacturer with an integrated NVIDIA GeForce NOW solution. This huge addition gives gamers across the globe access to play over 1,450 titles from AAA to indie within a best-in-class cloud gaming service, regardless of the PC they game on.

We think this move makes a lot of sense for PC manufacturers. GeForce NOW is especially well suited for PC gamers and Omen users should feel right at home with the GFN experience.

Moves like this may not sound particularly significant, but as more and more device manufacturers follow suit, cloud gaming can quickly become mainstreamed and normalized among gamers and other users.


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