Palworld coming to Game Pass Ultimate on the 19th January

Game Pass has already given us a great start to the month with 8 new games arriving. But they weren’t content with just 8 games. So we are getting another. Palworld, from PocketPair, will arrive on the 19th January as it enters Early Release.

Palworld Title

Palworld is an open-world survival crafting game that supports up to 32 players and is set in a world where mysterious creatures called “Pals” live. Along your adventures, you will encounter many Pals. Capture them, make them work, fight, breed, and even sell them. You can adventure in a large world alongside your Pals.

Over 100 Pals

Palworld’s untamed world is teeming with “Pals”, creatures unlike any you’ve seen. From run-of-the-mill critters to majestic bosses and elusive legends, each Pal brings a unique talent to the table. Tame a winged friend to take to the skies, or befriend a firearm-wielding Pal for some extra punch. And with even more Pals planned for future updates, the possibilities for adventure are endless!

Riding different Pals with friends

Bases, Biomes, and Dungeons

In this survival game, you can build bases where you will need to feed and train your Pals. Delve dungeons to find rare Pals or treasure. Explore the diverse biomes. Each one has a hostile faction based there, whose leaders stand in your way and won’t back down without a fight.

Will you be playing this on the 19th? Will it capture the “Pokémon” magic on Xbox? Let us know in the comments.

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