Palworld Sees Major Success on Xbox Cloud Gaming

Palworld Xbox Cloud

As we previously stated, Palworld has topped the Xbox Cloud Gaming charts ever since its release a couple of weeks ago. Today, we get official confirmation of the game’s success via Xbox themselves. The company has posted, via Xbox Wire, an article detailing the success the game has gotten thanks to its inclusion on Game Pass.

Across console and Windows PC, Palworld has reached more than 7 million players, and has recently reached a peak of nearly 3 million daily active users on Xbox. Aside from that, Palworld has also sold over 12 million copies on Steam. That means that over 19 millions gamers have at least tried out the game.

The response from fans has been tremendous, and it’s incredible to see the millions of players around the world enjoying Palworld. This is just the beginning for us and Palworld, and the feedback we’re gathering while in Game Preview allows us to continue to improve the experience for Pal Tamers across all platforms.

Pocketpair CEO, Takuro Mizobe, speaking to Xbox Wire

According to Xbox Wire, the Xbox team is working closely with Pocketpair, in order to improve the Xbox versions of the games. Their focus is to help optimize performance and also make updates easier for the developers to deploy. Hopefully, the game will also be properly optimized for Xbox Cloud Gaming, and also introduce custom touch controls.

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