Paper Trail Confirms Netflix Release Date

The independent game studio Newfangled Games has confirmed the release date for their new video game Paper Trail which is coming to Netflix. So let’s review some tidbits about this game, including the release date.

So What Is Paper Trail About?

Paper Trail comes from the BAFTA award-winning creator of Hue, before release Paper Trail has already picked up 38 awards and accolades including “Best Family Games” at the Gamescom Awards, “Game Of The Year” at Reboot Develop, “Most Innovative” at IndieX and “Best International Games” at SXSW Sydney.

Unfold the Beautiful World of Paper Trail on PC, Consoles, and Mobile via Netflix on May 21st, 2024, Newfangled Games has announced. Paper Trail introduces audiences to an award-winning adventure that brings to life Paige’s story. A charming puzzle adventure following the story of the academic Paige, players will fold and tear their way through the gorgeous levels in this beautiful 2D world which is made entirely out of paper. You must solve puzzles and overcome obstacles by folding the world around you. As you play and explore this world, you will meet a cast of colorful characters with stories of their own, who will help Paige discover new paths as she leaves home for the first time.

Paper Trail features a foldable world where you fold and join paths together to explore and progress through the levels, The puzzles are simple to learn but tricky to master and will challenge player’s wits, There is an intriguing cast of characters that have their own stories to tell and teach players about the world of Paper Trial. The art style and environments are extremely beautiful and have been handcrafted in a way that takes inspiration from flat aesthetic styles including printmaking and watercolor.

Paper Trail is launching on May 21st, 2024, and will be launching on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, PC, and Mobile via Netflix.

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