Paradox Interactive Announce Two New Games Coming to Game Pass Ultimate This Year

Paradox Interactive recently held their announcement show powered by Xbox. In this show, they announced two new games coming this year. Both have been confirmed for Game Pass Ultimate on the day of release. Lamplighters League is already confirmed to be coming to the cloud, but I suspect that both announced games will be.

Cities Skylines II

Cities Skylines II

If you can dream it, you can build it, Create and manage your own city without restrictions. Offering a deep simulation and a living economy, Cities: Skylines II will challenge your decision-making skills and allow you to build the cities of your dreams. Get ready for a new epic scale in the most realistic city builder – ever.

Following on from the recent release of Cities: Skyline Remastered, Cities Skyline II looks to be even more immersive and impressive. Originally released in 2015, Cities Skyline came to the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even our beloved Stadia. This time though they are leaving the old generation behind, Cities Skyline II will be exclusively on the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC. We have not seen confirmation of a cloud option yet, but I believe that they will have one given that Paradox Interactive and Xbox have a deep relationship.

The Lamplighters League

Lamplighters League

In the alternate 1930s setting of The Lamplighters League, a tyrannical cult called the Banished Court stands on the cusp of world domination. For millennia, all that stood between this sinister cabal and their plans was a band of heroic scholars known as the Lamplighters League. Unfortunately, the best of the best are all gone, so now it’s up to the best of the worst.

Harebrained Schemes, the developer of the Shadowrun Trilogy and BATTLETECH, has announced their new game Lamplighters League and the Tower at the End of the World. A brand-new IP set in an alternate 1930s. With a mix of turn based combat and real time infiltration, The Lamplighters League will see you controlling a group of dynamic characters with signature abilities. You will also travel to many interesting locations, such as dockyards and deserts, and recruitment extending across the globe.

Paradox also teased another new game, Life By You. A game from former head of Sims and CEO of Second Life studio Linden Labs, Rod Humble. There is only a 53-second trailer so far. But it looks to be a competitor to the hugely popular The Sims from EA. We will get more news on the 20th March.



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