PC Game Pass is coming to GFN this week

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Xbox PC Games from The Microsoft store and PC Game Pass will be coming to the streaming service.

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NVIDIA GeForce NOW will start to roll out access to PC Game Pass starting on the 24th August 2023. From then on, you will be able to stream supported PC games from Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda, including Deathloop and Grounded as well as 3rd-party titles like No Man’s Sky and Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord without added costs if you are a PC Game Pass subscriber (including Game Pass Ultimate subscribers) or if you bought the game from the Microsoft Store.

Games from Xbox started arriving on GeForce now in May under the 10 year deal between Microsoft and NVIDIA as part of a broader effort from Microsoft to appease regulators over its proposed ABK acquisition. Games from ABK will also be a part of this deal when the deal is finalized.

Whilst PC Game Pass and Microsoft Store games will be available on the service, not all of them will be available to stream immediately on GeForce Now. NVIDIA has been working hard on integrating the store into GeForce NOW. They now have the hard work of onboarding over 100 games that are available on PC Game Pass onto the service. So you might have a slight wait whilst the library comes across.

This was part of the many deals that Microsoft made with Cloud Gaming providers in hopes the regulators such as the CMA would see that they are not trying to monopolize the market. Yet, in April the CMA blocked the deal in the UK and in response Microsoft is now set to sell off the rights to stream ABK deals to Ubisoft. However, MS was quick to note that the deal is structured so MS can still honor its agreements with GFN.

We will keep our eyes on this ever-evolving deal and report all of the news as and when it arrives. Also, keep a look out for our GFN Thursday post this week for all the latest news from NVIDIA.



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