Microsoft Confirms Access to PC Game Pass on GeForce NOW

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When the collaboration between NVIDIA GeForce NOW and Xbox was first announced, NVIDIA was clear that, while the first Xbox games to arrive would be from PC stores with existing GFN support like Steam, support for the Xbox PC game platform would be coming in the months ahead.

The Xbox team confirmed today that this is indeed the case. While this logically follows, they also confirmed that PC Game Pass subscribers will be able to access (at least some of) their games via GFN as well:

Today we shared that Game Pass members will soon be able to stream select PC games from the library through Nvidia GeForce NOW. This will enable the PC Game Pass catalog to be played on any device that GeForce NOW streams to, like low spec PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, mobile devices, TVs, and more, and we’ll be rolling this out in the months ahead.

What does this mean for Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Probably nothing… In our opinion, GeForce NOW provides a PC like gaming experience with unmatched fidelity while Xbox Cloud Gaming provides a better overall user experience for console gamers. Just like PC and Console Game Pass exist cooperatively, it makes sense that Xbox games could be available on multiple game streaming options.

However, given that the UK’s Consumer and Market’s Authority (CMA) took the position of blocking the Xbox acquisition of Activision because of Xbox’s early efforts into cloud gaming, there is always a very remote chance that Xbox could chose to abandon its own cloud solution in favor of a partnership with cloud providers like GeForce NOW, Boosteroid and/or Amazon Luna for the near future.

Are you an Xbox Game Pass subscriber who also subscribes to GeForce NOW? Are you excited to see the games from your subscription arrive?


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