Persona Developer Atlus is Rumored to be Looking at Bringing Games to Netflix

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Netflix Games has gone from strength to strength since the service launched in September 2021. And, with the recent news that Sega is looking at trying to turn Atlus into a worldwide brand, rumors have cropped up on NeoGAF discussing Atlus games on Netflix. The post shares a comment posted by @MbKKssTBhz5 on X (formerly known as Twitter), who has previously leaked Atlus announcements.

What Atlus Games Are Coming To Netflix?

As of right now, no confirmed Atlus games are coming to Netflix. However, there is a high likelihood that if games do arrive they will be some form of the Persona or Shin Megami Tensai games which core to the platform. Whilst fans of Netflix Games will no doubt be excited about the potential of Atlus games coming to Netflix, others have claimed that Atlus have “sold out” with such news, which may be more related to Atlus’s parent company Sega – who is trying to make their IP “transmedia.”

There is a fear, however, that if any Atlus games come over to Netflix, there could be in-game ads or micro-transactions like are present in many mobile games. With the recent rumor of Netflix trying to find a way to monetize its game library, it’s unclear if Atlus games (should they come to Netflix) will be ad-free and in-app purchase free.

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