Planet of Lana Now Available on Xbox Cloud and GeForce Now

Planet of Lana In Game Screenshot

Today, Planet of Lana, a cinematic puzzle adventure developed by Wishfully Studios and published by Thunderful, has officially launched on various platforms, including the cloud with Xbox Game Pass and GeForce NOW via Steam.

A newly released trailer showcases the game’s art style, accompanied by a soundtrack composed by D.I.C.E. and BAFTA-nominated composer Takeshi Furukawa. The trailer also highlights the companion-based mechanics that have been a major draw for players. It hints at a mysterious past that may hold answers to the sudden appearance of colossal spheres in the sky. Not only that, but also the presence of stalk-like robots that roam the lush landscapes of Lana’s planet.

Additionally, the trailer offers glimpses of previously unrevealed areas, showcasing the game’s diverse and awe-inspiring environments. It provides a taste of the mix of relaxation, stealth, puzzling, and action-packed moments that players will experience throughout their journey.

As players embark on their adventure, they will traverse dense jungles, sunlit meadows, arid deserts, and enigmatic alien structures. The bond between Lana and Mui, the game’s central characters, becomes crucial for survival and progress. Planet of Lana’s unique companion mechanic requires both Lana and Mui to collaborate closely. Solving intricate puzzles and navigating treacherous hazards in their quest to save everything that matters from impending ruin.

Adam Stjärnljus, the director of Wishfully Studios, shared their gratitude for the support and love shown by fans. Stjärnljus expressed his hope that players will thoroughly enjoy their experience with Planet of Lana on PC and Xbox platforms.

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