Rumor: PlayStation 5 Cloud Game Streaming Incoming?

PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus has a cloud gaming service that we don’t discuss as often here at Cloud Dosage as some other services. This is because the service can only be used on PlayStation consoles themselves or on a Windows app and games are from the PS3/PS4 collection. This former point makes the service much less generally available than other cloud gaming services that typically can be played on any computer with a browser, Android/iOS phones and tablet, Smart TVs etc.

However, if recent rumors are true, as published by, the PlayStation 5 (and its game catalog) could be getting some enhanced cloud gaming support with an upcoming 7.0 SW update. The article states:

sources have revealed that PlayStation 5 games will also be streamable on the PlayStation 5 via cloud streaming (to save that all-important drive space). It was said that this feature will be included in the PlayStation Plus Premium Tier. The feature, under the project name “Cronus” has been in development and testing for a number of months, sources revealed.

It’s a little unclear at this point if what is being hinted at is enhanced PlayStation 5 streaming access or if PlayStation 5 games themselves will also be streamed to older PS devices and the Windows app. Put this one in the rumor basket, and lets see what comes over the next couple months.


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