PlayStation Cloud Could Be Coming to a TV and Mobile Device Near You

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One way to learn what a company is planning on working on is to look at job descriptions for positions they are hiring for. Thank you to good friend of the site, drspacemangames, who tipped us off about a PlayStation cloud gaming related job posting on Threads.

The job posting in question is for a “Service Reliability Engineer” on the PlayStation team and contains the following interesting text:

As a part of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the Future Technology Group (FTG) is leading the cloud gaming revolution, putting console-quality video games on any device, from TVs to consoles to mobile devices and beyond.

The text clearly mentions extending cloud gaming support to TVs and mobile devices. This is common for most cloud gaming services (GeForce NOW, Boosteroid, Luna, Utomik etc.) but would be new for PlayStation cloud gaming, which is currently only available on actual PlayStation consoles and (partially) Windows computers.

While it wasn’t a stretch to assume that PlayStation would move in this direction, it is great to see it reflected in their recruiting.


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