Amazon Luna Announces Prime Games for February

Amazon Prime Luna

Amazon Prime subscribers can enjoy a rotation of games at no additional cost via Amazon Luna. As of the last Tuesday of the month, the Luna Team has announced the new selection of games that will be available for Prime users. Keep in mind that aside from the following games, Prime subscribers can also enjoy Fortnite, Trackmania, and their already owned Ubisoft games, at no additional cost.

Amazon Prime Games for February

The Jackbox Party Pack 10

The tenth installment in the Jackbox Party series, this game continues to deliver a variety of engaging and humorous party games designed for group play.

Garfield Lasagna Party

The game includes a variety of mini-games and challenges, all themed around Garfield’s humorous antics and his insatiable appetite for lasagna. It’s a family-friendly title that brings together characters from the Garfield universe for some lighthearted fun.


Kunai is an action-adventure game with a retro aesthetic, where players control a ninja robot equipped with a kunai. The game combines platforming and combat, allowing players to swing across gaps, climb walls, and engage in fast-paced battles as they explore a post-apocalyptic world.

Inside My Radio

Inside My Radio is a rhythm-driven platformer where players must navigate through a neon-soaked world that pulses to the beat of the music. Timing and rhythm are crucial as players jump, dash, and slam to the beat.

And that’s the new selection of games that Prime subscribers will be able to play via Amazon Luna. What do you think?

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