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Time rewinds with a flourish as the Prince of Persia leaps back into action in “The Lost Crown,” a 2D adventure resurrecting the beloved series. Weaving elements from the 1989 classic and the acclaimed “Sands of Time” trilogy, does this new chapter recapture the magic of its predecessors? Let’s assess, using the Sands of Time themselves!

There are some mentions to unlockable skills in this review.

A Prince Awakened

Stepping into the shoes of Sargon, a skilled acrobat cursed with immortality, we find ourselves thrust into the fantastical realm of Mount Qaf. This vibrant, cursed world, dripping with Persian mythology and architectural splendor, begs to be explored. Each biome, from lush oases to treacherous sandstorms, present unique challenges and secrets to uncover. As well as very different traversal puzzles to figure out. Some are only possible as you find more of Simurgh’s essence. One accessibility feature that I liked that was added is the ability to skip some of the more challenging platforming sections. I admit, there were one or two puzzles I couldn’t quite do, and this feature helped. 

When I first started playing The Lost Crown, I expected something very different. I expected a more relaxing adventure game with some exploring, a bit of backtracking and some slightly challenging boss fights. What I got however is one of the better Metroidvania style games I have played mixed with some pretty brutal boss fights. Some I consider harder than the earlier bosses in Elden Ring. Whilst not what I expected, it works well.

General Uvishka boss fight

Time Manipulating Master

Sargon’s unique curse isn’t just a narrative device; it’s the core of the gameplay. By using “Shadow of the Simurgh”, you can undo mistakes, retry perilous jumps, and solve mind-bending puzzles. The “Dimensional Claw” lets you temporarily trap some items and enemies in another dimension. These mechanics, and the other 4, add a layer of strategic depth, encouraging experimentation and creative problem-solving. Each power is needed to get further along the vast map, as well as defeating enemies.

The Clang of Swords

“The Lost Crown” offers combat that’s more than just button-mashing. It’s a dance of skill, strategy, and environmental awareness. Chain light and heavy attacks, dodges, and parries into stylish takedowns. Master these moves and you’ll dispatch enemies with deadly precision and unquestionable style.

But Sargon isn’t just a pretty dancer. He wields time itself as a weapon. Slow down time to counter brutal attacks, rewind to escape enemy combos, or unleash a flurry of strikes with fast-forward. This strategic layer adds depth, forcing you to think creatively in the heat of combat.

Your arsenal expands beyond trusty blades. Unlock the bow for ranged options and the chakram for acrobatic throws and disarming maneuvers. Mastering each weapon broadens your tactical toolbox, letting you approach every encounter with diverse strategies.

You will eventually come across “The Haven” where you will find Artaban residing in the upper right-hand section. He will teach you how to fight effectively with and without all the powers. It is certainly worth travelling back every so often, especially when you have unlocked a new power, just to see how best to utilize it in a fight.

Completing tutorials isn’t just about mastery – it rewards you with crystals! And speaking of rewards, The Haven houses both the forge and vendor, making it the perfect pit stop to boost your arsenal.

Enemies Galore

And the enemies? They are no mindless horde. Some will swarm you, but each type boasts unique attacks and resistances, demanding you adapt your tactics and exploit their weaknesses. Brutes crave heavy blows, ranged foes need dodging, and shielded enemies demand parries. This enemy diversity keeps you on your toes. 

But what about the bosses? Each requires mastering specific patterns and utilizing your full arsenal of moves and powers. Prepare for epic clashes that demand both agility and strategic thinking – these are encounters that will truly push you to your limits. As I said earlier, some bosses are more challenging than those found in souls games. I was shocked to get taken down by Jahandar so fast when I first met them.

A Crown of Exploration: Mount Qaf isn’t just a linear path; it’s a Metroidvania playground ripe for exploration. Hidden passages, secret areas, and optional challenges reward the curious, offering valuable loot and lore entries that flesh out the world and its inhabitants. Expect to meet folks recalling events you haven’t lived yet, or boasting suspiciously long stays in this time-tangled realm.

Echoes of the Past

The developers haven’t forgotten the series’ roots. Wall-runs, environmental puzzles, and the Prince’s signature agility are all present, delivering that nostalgic Prince of Persia feel. The soundtrack, too, evokes memories of earlier installments, transporting you back to those daring Sands of Time adventures. This also leans heavily on ancient Persian aesthetic. The maps are all beautifully designed. The parallax scrolling effect the background has is fantastically done.

Scratching Sands

While “The Lost Crown” shines brightly, it isn’t flawless. Some platforming sections can feel a bit floaty, and the occasional fetch quest might feel uninspired. The story, while decent, doesn’t quite reach the emotional heights of previous titles.

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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is developed by Ubisoft Montpelier and published by Ubisoft. It is playable in the Cloud on GeForce Now, Luna and Boosteroid.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – Cloud gaming review


Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Ubisoft Connect & GeForce NOW
Fun Factor


Despite its minor stumbles, “Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown” is a triumphant return to form for the beloved series. Its innovative time-manipulation mechanic, engaging combat, and rewarding exploration make it a joy to play. Whether you’re a nostalgic fan or a newcomer seeking a fresh platforming adventure, this crown is definitely worth adding to your collection.


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