Games Coming and Going from PS Plus and PS Cloud in February

PlayStation Plus November Game Collage

It’s mid month. So, that means it is time for PlayStation to announce the games that will be arriving on PS Plus Extra and Premium – free to play for subscribers of each tier. This month brings 13 new games that will be playable starting on February 20th. As these games arrive, 10 other games will be departing. Unfortunately, when most of those departing titles leave PS Plus, they will also be removed from PlayStation’s cloud service as well.

Let’s get to the games.

Games Coming to PS Plus in February

We expect most (if not all) of the following games to also be available to stream from the PlayStation cloud

This is a pretty solid set of titles. Tales of Arise is also coming to Xbox Game Pass this month – so everyone gets to enjoy this title. In addition, we highly recommend Roguebook, a game we loved from Stadia. And, of course, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and The Outer Worlds are must plays.

Games Leaving PS Plus in February

The following games will leave PS Plus on February 20th.

Of these games, we are expecting only Resident Evil 7 to remain playable on the cloud but only if you purchase the game and stream it to a PS5 console. PS4 consoles and Windows devices will unfortunately lose the ability to stream the game.


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