PlayStation Cloud Loses 13 Titles Gains 10 in October

PS Plus October New Game Banner

The the 16th of October has just passed, which means that new PS Plus Extra and Premium games have arrived and old games have left.

This month, 13 games left the subscription service (with Cloud Gaming access disappearing as well). Unfortunately, the games that are leaving are among the best games on the service including two Far Cry titles, three Yakuza titles and top indie games like The Quarry.

To make up for the loss are 10 new game additions headlined by Disco Elysium.

Games that Left PlayStion Plus Cloud Gaming

Games that Joined PlayStation Plus Cloud Gaming

In addition, Gotham Knights was added to PlayStation Plus but is not available to stream at the moment. When PlayStation cloud streaming expands to the PS5 later this month, Gotham Knights could be included, however. This will be limited only to playing on actual PS5 devices on launch, however.


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