Sony Adds PS5 Game Streaming. Only Playable on an Actual PS5.

PlayStation 5 Cloud Gaming

In today’s blog post, Sony reiterated that they are bringing PS5 server blades to their cloud gaming service. Although, for now at least, you will only be able to access these PS5 cloud servers if you are on an actual PS5 yourself…. Unfortunately, this negates most of the point of using a cloud gaming service. Still, PS5 users may find some value in saving their drive space or simply testing a game before downloading it.

PlayStation’s cloud gaming service doesn’t work on many devices to begin with – notably missing are any mobile or SmartTV platforms and even Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Portal handheld. But the service at large does at least also support PS4 devices as well as Windows PCs. Neither of these types of devices will get access to the PS5 cloud servers at launch, however.

Why is it limited to just PS5 owners?

First, we should say that we do suspect this situation is temporary and that PS5 cloud game streaming will arrive on more screens at some point in the future.

But, for now, the most likely explanation is just that Sony has a limited cloud server capacity. Expanding to more screens other than those attached to PS5 consoles would greatly increase the usage of the service. And, Sony is probably not ready to meet that demand. Xbox Cloud Gaming has been seeing significant queue times after Starfield’s launch, for example.

Sony could also be trying to sell as many PS5 consoles as possible. Allowing people to access parts of the PS5 catalog without buying a console could potentially hurt their shipment numbers.

We doubt there is any fundamental technical reason for limiting PS5 cloud server access. At the highest levels of fidelity (4K 60FPS), it is possible some older devices may not have the requisite hardware decoding support to keep up. But, one great thing about cloud gaming in general is the ability to reduce the stream fidelity to meet all sorts of devices where they are capable.

What’s new for People who do own a PS5?

First and foremost, you will be able to cloud-stream PS Plus Premium games that are only available on PS5. In addition to this, Sony is announcing you can also stream the following new types of games:

Next, with the PS5 servers, you can stream up to 4K resolution (with up to 60 FPS) for supported games. You also get HDR output support.

PS5 Game Streaming 4K

You also get “Enhanced Audio” which includes 5.1 channel and 7.1 channel surround sound support.

When do I get it?

The new PS5 cloud gaming support will be coming to Japan on October 17, Europe on October 23, and North America on October 30. Unfortunately, if you are outside of those regions, no date has been given.


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