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Psychonauts 2 is a game from Double Fine Productions and published by Xbox Game Studios. As an Xbox exclusive, the only place to play it in the cloud is via Xbox Cloud Gaming. I played the game entirely in the cloud on a mix of devices that include an actual Xbox, an Android Phone (Pixel 7) and a Chromebook. This review, therefore, applies foremost to the cloud experience with the game. However, most of the review applies equally well to the game installed locally.

One unique aspect of the game in the cloud is that it supports custom mobile touch controls. This allows you play to the game just about anywhere you go – even if you don’t have a controller for your smart-phone like a Razer Kishi or GameSir X2. They are customized for the game as shown in the screenshot below. While they take up a lot of real estate, the controls are very functional and the game is surprisingly playable in this mode.

Psychonauts 2 Xbox Touch Controls

Let’s go ahead and get to the review and not bury the lead: Psychonauts 2 is a great game that builds upon the success of its cult-classic predecessor while breathing new life and excitement into the series. Playing was a unique gaming experience for me. The game’s universe and art style, combined with an entertaining story and a cast of over-the-top and lovable characters makes for a gaming experience that kept me engaged for the entire play-through.

The Setting

One of the most memorable aspects of Psychonauts 2 is its world design. The game transports you to a surreal world that is both beautiful and scary, blending abstract concepts with real-world elements to create an otherworldly setting that feels immersive. The attention to detail in the game world is impressive, and each area (including each person’s mind that you traverse) feels like a unique piece of art that has been expertly crafted to tell a specific story – that character’s backstory.

As just mentioned, the game takes you on a journey through the minds of various characters, each with its own unique environment and atmosphere. From a vibrant and surreal music festival to a hauntingly beautiful downtown area. The environments are immersive, with sound effects and visuals that transport you directly into the minds of the characters you are exploring.

The physical world itself in Psychonauts 2 feels like a dreamscape as well, with vivid colors, surreal landscapes (I especially enjoyed the park area), and bizarre creatures lurking around every corner.

Psychonauts 2 Park Area Game Capture

Gameplay, Characters and Story

In terms of gameplay, Psychonauts 2 does not disappoint. The game offers a near-perfect balance of platforming, puzzles, and combat, which keeps things interesting and varied throughout. The game’s abilities are also a highlight, allowing you to do things like telekinetically toss objects or slow down time, which adds an extra layer of creativity and strategy to the gameplay.

The character dialogue is witty and clever, and the voice actors bring each character to life in a way that resonated with me.

The game’s plot revolves around your arrival at Psychonauts headquarters as a new intern. The Psychonauts are an elite team of secret agents with psychic skills, who you must help investigate a mysterious psychic disturbance that threatens the world. As you progress through the game, you unravel a narrative with twists, turns, and unexpected surprises. It’s not super deep, but it’s a fun little mystery that keeps the game flowing. The characters are eccentric, unique and easy to like, each with their own unique backstory and personality. Overall, the story was entertaining enough to leave me eager to see what happens next.


In conclusion, Psychonauts 2 is a must-play for anyone who enjoys a good 3D platforming and puzzle solving game. It has a mix of exceptional artistry and gameplay that will keep you engaged for hours on end.

I’m now ready to give my scores for ‘Psychonauts 2’ – a Game Pass title from Double Fine Productions and published by Xbox Game Studios played entirely in the cloud. Highlights of the game include the exceptional artistry, immersive world design, solid 3D platforming gameplay including fun tele-kinetic abilities. You wont regret jumping into this title.

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Psychonauts Game Banner
Psychonauts 2 – Cloud Gaming Review
Fun Factor


Psychonauts 2 is an Xbox exclusive that is free to play in the cloud as part of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. It’s a unique 3D platformer with an impressive art style and immersive environments. It’s a must-play as part of your subscription.



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