Rainbow 6 Siege Cross Progression is Coming

Ubisoft’s hit tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege is gaining full Cross- Progression across all platforms with the start of its Y7S4 update.

Currently, R6S support cross play and cross progression in the same family of consoles, and between PC and Stadia. During the next update, Ubisoft will open up cross play and cross progression to all platforms.

What does this include?

This means that if you have an account on, for example Stadia, where you spent a lot of time increasing level and unlocking operators. And you recently stopped playing because of a certain imminent shut down and don’t have a PC to continue progressing; all is not lost. Now you will be able to buy any version on PlayStation or Xbox, or even play via Game Pass Ultimate, and continue with all the same levels, cosmetics and operators.

Thanks, Ubisoft.

You will also be able to play against your friends on other systems, including PC. However, this does mean you could play with a PC player using a Keyboard and Mouse. Speaking from experience, they have a slight advantage. (It has nothing to do with my lack of skill, honest).

All renown and credits amounts from each platform will be added together, and the total is shared between all platforms. Operators, cosmetics, boosters and packs unlocked on any platform are shared between all platforms. However, you will not receive any duplicates or get a refund if you have purchased them separately. Any negatives will also carry over. If you’ve had any penalties on PlayStation, once you link your accounts they will carry over to Xbox and PC. A full list of what will and won’t sync can be found here.

Whilst this change wasn’t implemented because of the Stadia shutdown, it has come at an opportune time. We recently compiled a list of companies that are helping to transition over to other platforms. Ubisoft are really stepping up to help.


With Operation Solar Raid, discover long-awaited improvements such as Cross-play, Cross-progression and Reputation Score (beta). This season also brings a new Defender, Solis, a new competitive map, Nighthaven Labs, a revamped Battle Pass, Ranked 2.0, and quality of life updates, making it one of the most memorable seasons in Siege’s history.



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