Redfall Game Update 4 Released

Arkane Austin has released the fourth and last major update for Redfall, introducing several new features and enhancements aimed at improving gameplay and player experience. The update includes significant changes to the Neighborhood and Nest systems, along with new functionalities.

Community Standing and Neighborhood Revamp

One of the major highlights of this update is the introduction of a new reputation system called “Community Standing.” Players can now earn reputation by unlocking Safehouses, completing missions, rescuing civilians, and defeating Underbosses. This reputation system rewards players with Support currency, which can be used to unlock various rewards from the Safehouse Skill Tree.

The Community Standing system includes six ranks, each offering unique rewards that serve as permanent buffs. For example, Rank 1 provides benefits like revealing cosmetics on the map and reducing the hacking time for turrets and tripwires, while higher ranks offer more impactful rewards such as increased loot frequency and special abilities like a temporary invisibility cloak.

Elder Nests

The update also introduces Elder Nests, a new type of Boss-focused Nest. These nests challenge players to defeat modified special vampires to reduce their influence over Redfall. Identified by a purple glow, these nests require players to find and defeat a vampire boss to earn rewards and a temporary buff called a Heart Shard. The buffs vary based on the campaign difficulty level, offering different advantages such as ammo regeneration and health restoration when hit by UV light.

Additionally, failing to escape a Nest during its destabilization phase will now result in not obtaining the Major Remnant, though other collected loot will remain with the player.

Quality of Life Improvements

Game Update 4 brings several qualities of life improvements to Redfall. Single Player Pausing is another new feature, enabling players to pause the game, adjust their kit, or take a break without the game progressing. Additionally, for those playing locally, offline mode is not available.

The update also includes new enemy encounters in Redfall Commons, ongoing AI improvements, a new Story Mode difficulty, and the introduction of a new Unrivaled Weapon.

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