Redfall Receives Major Game Update

Bethesda has just released a major update for their vampire-slaying adventure game Redfall, which brings a host of improvements and new features to the game.

Quality of life changes

Firstly, Xbox Series users will be glad to know that a Performance Mode has been enabled, promising smoother gameplay. PC performance and stability have also been improved. This means that the cloud version of the game will be vastly improved, specially thanks to the new Performance Mode.

The user interface has been enhanced with better delineation between Main Missions and Optional Missions, improved compass markers, and more. Weapons with silencers now reflect their “silent” state, making stealth gameplay more intuitive.

Accessibility improvements are a major part of this update. Screen narration has been improved in several areas, including multiplayer lobby state changes, text entry fields, and game invites. Photosensitivity work has also been improved in areas such as weapon fire, vampire death, and certain abilities.

Gameplay improvements

Gameplay enhancements include numerous improvements to default Aim-Assist and Dead Zone tuning, with more options for players to customize these settings. There are also new Vampire Nest spawns and mission dialogue for Fall Like Lightning.

Combat has been made more exciting with the addition of stealth takedowns for unaware Cultists and Bellwether enemies. The open world enemy population has been increased, and unique open world enemy encounters have been added in Redfall Commons.

The environment has been enriched with references to the Burial Point district added into the Map and other locations in the Redfall Commons district. Lastly, for those who enjoy multiplayer, visually distinct player indicators and markers for Multiplayer sessions have been added, along with a unique co-op ping color for each player in the squad.

We previously posted a positive review of Redfall, finding it to be an enjoyable game despite the harsh reception it received online. With this new update, we believe Redfall has become even more engaging and immersive. We encourage you to give Redfall another try and explore the new features and improvements.

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