Retraction: Luna Adds Warnings For Games Leaving – I Was Wrong

It appears that sometime over the past several weeks, Luna has added warnings back to their game pages for games that would be leaving. That means my language in Friday’s article was wrong. I took particular issue with the fact that there was no persistent warning given to Luna gamers that the games were leaving. I’m not sure if a warning was present on all games, but I’ll give the Luna team the benefit of the doubt that there was.

I am not entirely sure when it was added. I have to admit that it could have been immediately after the old banner was taken down. But, whenever, the new warning went live, our script didn’t catch it – nor did my manual review of the pages. You may be able to see why:

Here is a screenshot that shows the old warning banner:

Luna Old Leaving Warning

It’s pretty hard to miss the warning right? It is in a red banner at the top of the page. Compare that to the new warning (for Cross Code which is leaving on November 11):

Can you see it? The text that says “This game is leaving Luna Nov 11, 2023”? Unfortunately, the change in language caused our script to miss it. And, I missed the small grey text when reviewing the pages manually.

I take personal responsibility for this. I really don’t like to get things wrong. But, I apologize to the Amazon Luna team for recently writing that there was “no warning whatsoever” on the 8 recent game removals. I now suspect there was warning as shown above.


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