Sable and Nanuleu Now Available on Utomik + New Games Coming Soon

Utomik New Games

After some new games were added to Utomik last week, most being playable via the cloud, Utomik has more news regarding their catalog! As of today, three games have been added to the subscription-based service. Two of which, are beloved indie games available via the cloud! Not only that, but Utomik has also announced a couple of new games coming day-one to their service, and confirmed both of them will also be playable via the cloud. Additionally, those who use Utomik on PC, have a special announcement at the bottom of the article.

Sable and Nanuleu now available

As of today, Utomik subscribers can play Sable and Nanuleu, two indie games with a very positive reception, via PC and the cloud. PC users can also play The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire, which is not available via the cloud. These two cloud additions come after Kraken Academy and Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition, which were added last week.


Sable is a coming-of-age exploration game developed by Shedworks and published by Raw Fury. The game takes place in a beautifully stylized open world filled with vast deserts, ancient ruins, and otherworldly landscapes. The player takes on the role of Sable, a young girl on a rite of passage journey to explore the world and discover her place in it.

As the player explores the world, they’ll meet a cast of interesting characters, uncover hidden secrets, and complete various quests. The game encourages players to take their time, explore at their own pace, and discover the world’s mysteries for themselves. Have fun exploring the world of Sable via Utomik Cloud!


Nanuleu is a minimalist strategy game developed by Selva Interactive. The game takes place in a world of tiny trees, where players must protect and grow their own forest against enemy invasions. Players start by planting different types of trees to gather resources and defend against the enemy’s attacks.

As the game progresses, they must strategically choose which trees to plant and when to upgrade them to more powerful forms. The game features a simple yet challenging gameplay mechanics that require careful planning and quick reflexes.

More games coming soon

As previously stated, Utomik also shared a sneak peek video confirming two other games making its way to the platform. Both  Elypse and Born of Bread will be available on Utomik and its cloud capabilities as soon as the games launch, making both a day-one release for the platform.

Not only that but we also know more games from Atari coming soon to Utomik. We have yet to see if said games will be playable via the cloud. However, considering that the previous wave is, we can almost guarantee these will to.

Many more Atari games coming to Utomik:

Utomik teams up with Lenovo

Utomik has also announced that it will be joining forces with tech company Lenovo. This partnership will enable customers in the English-speaking countries of the Asia-Pacific region to enjoy a 12-month free subscription of Utomik on select PC models from based on eligibility.

Through this collaboration, Lenovo can now offer its customers a diverse range of games to enjoy at their convenience. Utomik’s technology and diverse portfolio of games, will now be available to Lenovo customers. Other companies can also take advantage of said promos and provide their users with access to Utomik’s service.

Utomik Lenovo Partnership



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