Samsung is bringing a more integrated cloud gaming experience to Galaxy phone users.

Samsung has been a big supporter of Cloud gaming, and this isn’t the first push Samsung has made around cloud gaming. In 2022, Samsung launched Gaming Hub on its 2022 TVs, and eventually earlier models. This integrates cloud gaming from Xbox, GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, Antsteam, Blacknut, Utomik and, for a short-lived time, Google Stadia.

Antstream Arcade and Blacknut Arrive on Samsung TVs

This could launch widely during Samsung’s Developer Conference, which takes place on October 5.

Samsung already has the Game Launcher on the Galaxy range of phones, and this looks to be an update of the launcher that will reportedly allow users to play mobile games instantly, without having to download them from the Play Store or Galaxy Store. This could make ads for games more effective, as users will be able to try out games without having to commit to downloading them first.

Samsung’s Jong Hyuk Woo said in an interview with Venturebeat;

the launcher helps get rid of friction when it comes to digital commerce with games…With the Samsung Game Launcher, you can skip the download. So long as you have a good connection, you can start playing the game immediately, no download required

Venturebeat Article – Jong Hyuk Woo
samsung game launcher

Currently, it looks to be just for mobile games, but hopefully, it could be used as a hub like the Gaming Hub on their TVs and monitors and integrate all cloud gaming options.

Once the update is live, we will put it through its paces and have a review of it.

Source – 9 to 5 Google



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