Sea of Stars Is Getting a Co-op Mode

sea of stars

Turn-based RPG, Sea of Stars, has officially sailed past the milestone of 5 million players.

To celebrate this, developer Sabotage Studio has released a new teaser for an upcoming 3-player couch co-op mode that is in development for the game.

The new mode is being labelled as ‘single-player+’ and will allow three players to play the game together. The game will continue to stay true to its turn-based gameplay, with each player participating in traversing the world and a new ‘co-op timed hits’ mechanic being added to the game.

Sabotage Studio has confirmed that we can expect to hear more about the new co-op mode in the near future.

Sea of Stars is available to play in the cloud on GeForce NOW, Xbox Cloud Gaming, PlayStation Cloud Gaming and Boosteroid.


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