Second Batch of Game Pass Titles For June 2023

Second Batch of Game Pass Titles For June 2023

Xbox has unveiled the batch of Xbox Game Pass titles that will be coming to console, cloud, and PC. 

There will be seven new Game Pass additions in total, three of which will also be available to play via Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

The three titles coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming are:

Need For Speed Unbound – Available June 22nd 

The latest instalment in the long-running racing franchise will race its way onto Game Pass on June 22nd. Racers will take to the streets of Lakeshore as they bid to race their way to the top!

F.I.S.T: Forged In Shadow Torch – Available June 27th

Another popular title coming to Game pass soon! This Metroidvania title sees players hop into the role of a very hardened and very tough Bunny as they traverse an interconnected world that is full of combat, challenges, and puzzles.

Bramble: The Mountain King – Available June 27th

This grim title is based on old Nordic fables. Players play as a young boy as he embarks on a dark journey through the land of Bramble and tries to survive encounters with hideous creatures as he tries to save his sister.

Other titles confirmed for Game Pass but not for Xbox Cloud Gaming include:

  • The Bookwalker – June 22nd
  • Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town – June 29th
  • Arcade Paradise – July 3rd
  • Sword & Fairy: Together Forever – July 5th

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