Shadow and Bone Enter The Fold Is Now Available On Netflix Games

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During Geeked Week on Thursday 9th Novemeber 2023, Netflix revealed and released the game Shadow and Bone Enter The Fold, so let’s talk about it.

'Shadow and Bone: Enter The Fold' Releases on Netflix Games - What's on ...

So What Is This Game?

Shadow and Bone Enter The Fold (previously known as Shadow and Bone Destinies) is a mobile RPG game which takes place during the first twon seasons of the Shadow and Bone television series. In this game you must shape the future of the Grishaverse and travel war-torn Ravka and decide which group of powers prevail. The surprise release of this game on Netflix is good news for gamers on Netflix who have been waiting for a brand new RPG game on the platform, as well as being good news for fans of Shadow and Bone who have been waiitng for an official annoucement for the future of the franchise on Netflix.

Shadow and Bone Enter The Fold is now available to all Netflix subscribers via iOS and Android.

Will you be checking out this game on Netflix? let us know!


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