Shadow PC Launches The ‘Shadow Game Store’

shadow game store

Shadow PC, a Paris-based company that allows its users to connect to a powerful virtual PC in the cloud, has launched its very own video game storefront titled ‘Shadow Game Store‘.

They have done so in partnership with game key retailer, Gamesplanet.

The Shadow Game Store will allow Shadow PC users to purchase video games at discounted rates. Storefronts that are currently supported at the time of writing include Steam, Ubisoft, and Rockstar.

Shadow users simply need to log into their Shadow account, purchase the game, retrieve the key from Gamesplanet, and then log into their Shadow PC and download the game. The list of games that are currently available on the Shadow Game Store is pretty impressive; there are some big titles such as Starfield, Helldivers II, God of War, and Red Dead Redemption II – all available with some very nice discounts.

Shadow PC currently has two subscription tiers when it comes to their gaming offering: Boost and Power. Boost has a subscription cost of £19.99/£29.99 per month, depending on whether you are a new subscriber, and Power is £49.99. It is safe to say that Shadow is certainly one of the more costly avenues for cloud gaming. I was a subscriber to Shadow for some time and although the service was very impressive, it simply became too expensive compared to other cloud gaming offerings.

Launching their own video game storefront, however, is certainly an ambitious and welcomed move. Personally, I would love to see more of the big players in the cloud gaming space do something similar. I am very much looking at you, GeForce NOW.

Are you a Shadow PC subscriber, what do you think of the service and the new Shadow Game Store? Or if you are not a Shadow PC subscriber, will the launch of this new storefront convince to you to get on board?

Be sure to let us know.

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