Sony Reportedly Making Steps Toward Cloud Gaming

PlayStation Controller

Reports are emerging that Sony is making a renewed push into the world of cloud gaming, as rumors continue to circulate about a new PlayStation handheld device. As pointed out by 9to5Google and The Verge, Sony is hiring for cloud gaming tech positions. Mainly with a specific focus on PlayStation. looking to develop and deliver a strategic vision for cloud game streaming.

The job listings have since been removed, but they suggest that Sony is exploring a hybrid system that uses Kubernetes and Amazon’s AWS for cloud gaming. This is somewhat surprising, as Sony had previously stated that it would explore said services in partnership with Microsoft’s Azure. It is currently unclear how far Sony is in the development process. That said, most of the job listings imply that the projects are in their early stages.

However, it appears that Sony is taking cloud gaming seriously. The company is reportedly hiring more roles in its Future Technology Group for cloud-focused roles than any other roles in PlayStation. The group is responsible for much of Sony’s research and development, including VR, controllers, and software elements.

As speculations persist about a new PlayStation handheld device that was said to lack cloud gaming capabilities, news of its inclusion have emerged. Given Sony’s renewed interest in cloud gaming, it’s probable that the upcoming device will support streaming. The cloud gaming market is ripe for innovation. Particularly with Google Stadia’s closure earlier this year, and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass expanding its portfolio. With Sony potentially introducing its own cloud service, it will be interesting to observe how the competition evolves.



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