Spirittea Launches on November 13th – Will Be Available on Game Pass at Launch


No More Robots has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming title, Spirittea.

Spirittea tasks players with getting a rundown town bathhouse up and running. Your main customers for the bathhouse will be the town’s troubled spirits, yes that’s right, this new town that you have decided to relocate to is overrun with troubled spirits.

You will need to make sure the water in your bathhouse is perfect for each spirit, chopping wood and feeding the boiler in order to help get that water to that spot-on temperature.

You will also need to build a relationship with the spirits, they will send you on quests to help ease their troubles. From picking up their favourite foods to digging up a treasure that they may have stashed away.

Spirritea launches on November 13th and will be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch.


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