Starfield Is Now Available To Stream on GeForce NOW

Starfield Game Banner

In a surprise announcement, NVIDIA has confirmed that Starfield is now available to stream on GeForce NOW.

Both the Steam and the Xbox versions of the game are available to play, and of course, if you are a Game Pass Ultimate member, you can play the game at no extra cost other than your monthly subscription fee. Although it was known before, I can confirm that your Xbox saved game will carry over from console to the PC version of the game. I can also confirm that the game looks, and plays flawlessly on the GeForce NOW Ultimate Tier.

Although it was indeed a sudden and surprise addition to the GFN Library, it may not come as a total shock that Xbox has made the move to get Starfield boarded and available on GeForce NOW as soon as possible due to the fact that Xbox Cloud Gaming appears to have seen a surge in users since Starfield has launched and this appears to have placed its servers under stress and caused very long wait times for people hoping to access and play the game via the service. The addition of the game to GeForce NOW will give gamers another option to play the game in the cloud.

Whatever the reason, this is certainly a welcomed move from both Xbox and GeForce NOW, as one of the biggest titles of 2023 arrives in GFN Library.


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